How we can help

We have decades of wound care expertise with enteric fistulas, necrotizing fasciitis, Fournier's gangrene, and other complex wounds.

We help healthcare providers address wound challenges with a flexible service offering that can be tailored to best meet the patient's needs.

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The goal of the channel is to help healthcare providers by taking wound care theory from the textbook level down to practical “Here’s how I do it” application. We share examples of clinicians treating patients, demonstrating techniques, and discussing what products are used and why they are appropriate to help patients with complex wounds and fistulas.


Clinical Consultation

Direct and virtual patient care and consultation for patients with enteric fistulas, ostomy complications, necrotizing soft tissue infections and other complex wound care needs.


Expert Chart Review

Medical record, chart review, and case review. Content expertise on negative pressure wound therapy, enteric fistula management, and complex wound care.



Seminars and workshops to help your team manage complex wounds and fistulas. On-site and web-based training and inservices. Enteric fistula and necrotizing soft tissue program development.

Helping the Patient

Our goal is to assist the community of clinicians who want to learn and share knowledge in order to help patients with complex wounds and fistulas.

Complex wound and fistula patients are increasing in both numbers and wound complexity, creating challenges for clinicians at all levels. We hope to ensure that the best tools and techniques will be available to help these patients.

Help the patient first.


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